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1910’s style of PUSS IN BOOTS Car Mascot/Hood Ornament M-207


A 1910’s style of Puss in Boots Mascot/Hood Ornament. It depicts the cat character of the celebrated Compte De Perrault dressed in boots, wearing a flowing hat and fine garments, in jaunty pose, sword held at his waist and leaning on a walking stick. The aloof facial expression is absolute perfection and a joy to behold. This mascot is a Puss in Boots (“Chat Botte” - French translation), by Antoine Bofill. This is one of the very finest and rarest of all early French mascots. Photographed and described in the Michel Legrand book “Mascottes Automobiles” Plate 764. It is made of bronze. measures approximately 6 inches high. It is a reproduction. This is an individual piece there may be small differences between the pictures and the physical piece. This adds to the exclusivity of this ornament.