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1911 Hare Raced Tortoise Car Mascot/Ornament M-233

1911 style Hare Raced Tortoise Car Mascot/Hood Ornament.  This Hare and Tortoise mascot is modeled after "Rien Ne Sert De Courir".  It depicts a standing rabbit resting on a "But" (Goal), mopping his brow, looking at the happy and smug tortoise, who has already reached his goal and won the race.  The facial expressions on both animals are outstanding and capture the scene perfectly. This amusing and thoughtful mascot has it all - humor, pathos and great quality.   It is a wonderful design.  A similar mascot is shown in the book by Giuseppe Di Sirignano and David Sulzberger, "Car Mascots, an Enthusiasts Guide" - Page 30, plate 46.  This piece is made of bronze.  It measures approx. 130 mm high and is a reproduction.  This is an individual piece.  There may be small differences between the pictures and the physical piece.  This adds to the exclusivity of this ornament.