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1920 Hare Riding Tortoise Mascot/Hood Ornament M-296


 A 1920’s Hare riding a Tortoise Mascot/Hood Ornament. This piece showcases an injured Hare riding on the shell of the Tortoise, with his arm in a sling. This mascot modeled after the piece by Henri Payen called “Le Lievre et la Tortue, hare riding a tortoise. This is a truly wonderful piece, that combines humor and pathos - as the speedy hare has hurt his arm. Naturally, needing a piggy back ride from the most accommodating and friendly, but far slower tortoise! The sad facial expression and swept back ears on the poor hare says it all! An example is shown in “Mascottes Automobiles” on Page 220, plate 810, but without the deluxe gilt hare. It’s made of bronze and measures approximately 5 ½ inches high. It is a reproduction. This is an individual piece there may be small differences between the pictures and the physical piece. This adds to the exclusivity of this ornament.