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1920’s Sasportas Batman Car Mascot/Ornament M-208

1920's style Sasportas Batman Car Mascot/Hood Ornament.  This unique mascot is modeled after the Sasportas Batman.  It depicts a flying nude man with bat wings, in the purest Art Deco style.  Sasportas was one of the foremost producers of only the very finest mascots in France.  They specialized in Art Deco creations and the name is synonymous with great style and creativity.  Photographed and described in Michel Legrand book "Mascottes Passion" Plate 276.  It is made of Bronze and measures approximately 105 mm high, the wingspan is approx. 180 mm.  It is a reproduction.  This is an individual piece.  There may be small differences between the pictures and the physical mascot.  This adds to the exclusivity of this ornament.