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Bonzo Dog Telcote Pup Mascot/Hood Ornament M-119


A Telcote Pup Mascot/Hood Ornament. It was created after the comic character "Bonzo". The originals were cast in chrome and nickel plated. These mascots adorned the bonnets of many cars in the 1920's and 30's. They were made by A.E. Lejeune. One such mascot replaced the Spirit of Ecstasy statue on film and stage actor Jack Buchanan's Rolls Royce! He is marked "TELCOTE PUP" on the collar. An original can be seen in the book "Automotive Mascots" page 145. It is made of bronze and measures approximately 3 ½ high and 5 ½ long nose to tail. It is a reproduction. This is an individual piece there may be small differences between the pictures and the physical piece. This adds to the exclusivity of this ornament.