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"Nos Gloires" Aviators Mascot/Hood Ornament M-163


A "Nos Gloires" Aviators Mascot/Hood Ornament. This mascot is a superb example modeled after “Nos Gloires”, who was commissioned to immortalize the 1930 Paris to New York trans-Atlantic flight of French aviators, Captain Dieudonne Coste and Maurice Bellonte, aboard a Breguet biplane. For reference purposes, it is recorded in the books; “Mascottes Automobiles” by Michel LeGrand, page 149, plate 495, and “Car Mascots An Enthusiast's Guide” by Giuseppe Di Sirignano David Sulzberger, page 60, illustration 119. It is made of bronze and stands impressively at 7 ½ inches high.  It is a reproduction. This is an individual piece there may be small differences between the pictures and the physical piece.  This adds to the exclusivity of this ornament.